1998 Chrysler Sebring Questions

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Hearing water sloshing around under the car
I had just been in the car running came home shut off then left again. Approx 3 blocks from my house heard quick noise then car died immediatly after. Towed to house put more gas in it acts and sounds like it's not getting gas. Cranks but never starts. Help please. Both car broke down sik kids and dying dad
Drain hole there? I can't find one there. Just the seam for where the top is fastened to the body.
My 1998 Chrysler searing takes a long time to take gear now that weather is cold . it was overheating occasionally but now when I put water in it I can see it running back out but a brace under the motor keeps me from seeing where it comes fron
at the bottom of the rear convertible window to catch water? which is plugged and not draining?
Bought car couple weeks ago,been sitting a good while & without a hood. When last owner purchased car it needed a distributor. I helped install it and ran fine. Months later they hadn't done anything with so i bought it. Wouldn't start and had no fire. Did basic test and checks..fuses good..power to distributor..fuel pump primes.. I've now changed distributor again cause last one had small crack..installed new plugs and still nothing. Need help fast.. Girlfriend about have baby soon.what do I do to figure why no spark
Over heats quicky in park..but seems to be normal temp under regular driving
Car was running okay it died all the sudden I have no spark no fuel replace the camshaft sensor didn't make any difference what is my next option
put in new alternator, pmc control muedel, new battery, my battery light stays on?
why I need help shops cost to much
And then it a few minutes before it will start up again and drive a little while until it does it again
When I pour water in radiator cap..It's hitting the ground almost immediately. But I can see upper and lower hose. Not leaking there..Can it be a hole in radiator?
It will not test for emission it says not ready
It's detached on one side and the other side is good.
My mechanic replaced it. Why did this happen? What can i do to fix it?
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