2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser Questions

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See my question above
I just bought a 2008 PT Cruiser, that leaked Anti

on driver side floorboard!! It blew white smoke through the vents. Checked Radiator, was ok, cannot find any leak

My car doesn't always start when I turn the key its like I have to push the key in the ignition really hard and turn it hard to start... I was wondering if its an actuator pin or just the ignition switch tumbler that the auto parts store told me.
Their is no videos showing how to remove it on a 2008. 2008 is different than all the other years.
Fixed first time drove for about a month and and it blew again
I put transmission fluid in after a trip to SC and back. It started buzzing and shifting slow. I put transmission fluid and it shifts better but it the buzzing
under my feet that bothers me too. What is that?
I've checked oil, transmission, coolant and steering fluids look normal.
This occurrs for some passengers even though they weigh 110 or more pounds. The light will go on and signal the problem with a beep. Then it may go off and then back on and beep again. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
This applies to both front seats, driver and passenger. Any suggestions of possible causes and/or repair will be greatly appreciated.
This appears to be an electrical problem. I can press the lid closed and it may stay closed properly for a time. Then at a later time when the vehicle is turned off I may hear the solenoid activate and release the trunk latch. This occurs nearly all the time when the car is parked and unoccupied.
Charge battery and fan kicks on immediately when battery is reconnected and before key is in ignition.
This problem just started
Manual transmission. I can't find any leaks.
The engine light comes on and the car acts like the fuel injectors are not working. I have tighten the fuel cap up and the car runs with the engine light going off. This occurs periodically
With a yellow cap it says on the top special engine a hose is running somewhere in the front are there that engine the oil I don't know what is that container please..
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