2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser Questions

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when the car is cold it shifts as soon as it heats up a little it drops into 2 gear and stays there
What seems to make the problem better or worse? worse when its worm
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
Went to the store came out would start but not fire. 4 days later was able to start and drive home; turned off tried to restart no fire. Changed the coil pack started right up turned off can not hear the relay kick on and will not fire. This is my only transportation I haven't had it but a couple months I really need to figure out what's wrong. I do not want to nickel and dime myself I can not afford that. Please someone help me. Desperate 2 kids and no vehicle makes it really hard especially when your staring right at one that just won't run.
Almost every time I start my 2006 PT Cruizer Limited Edition it blows a thick cloud of white/gray smoke. It smells like burnt oil.
Brought to car dealership for AC charge was working fine and cold but sitting in traffic AC would get warm.
Dealer said Removed old freon and put in new. Now doesn't blow cold at all.
It chimes every few minutes and doesn't stop
the shift just slides back and forth
Turn the key sometimes it starts sometimes it won't
car died at 55 mph after engine light chimed one time
car would rank not start,
Then when I turned on the air conditioning the check engine came on and it didn't want to shift right
1st time ever happened
The alert sound is beeping (like the beep with no seat belt) but nothing is lighting up on the dashboard. I tried hooking up to handheld to get a diagnostic code and nothing came up.
Over heat light comes once in a while when driving
I would like to know about how long the repair takes
When I accelerate are slow down I hear a whining sound constantly
fuses in fuse box are all ok, is there other fuse box
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