2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser Questions

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thermostate, check, fluid change and radiator checked. Engine continues to stay hot.

Rolled my pt cruiser threw flooded water the other night. And now all it does is light up but won't crank up. I hear a funny low fading peeping sound and that's all. And before all this my oil pressure light would come on but np low oil.

Car failed emissions, was told some monitors were disabled and can,t be read, so it failed

old timing belt had 160,000 miles in it

We change two sensors

There is a book out there that mechanics use to know how long it should take that they go by. Just would like to know the rule of thumb when you do it yourself?

Rule of thumb there is a book out there called the Mitchell book. That mechanics use. For diy

What manufacturer type and description of power steering fluid used in 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser?

sar was ok for 1 day then i got 2 codes. 3040 again and also 3025, knock sensor. since i replaced the first sensor and it's showing up again, is there something else to check?

up again automatically if I put more oil in it or do I need to bring it to a mechanic?

Ok i posted the other day i had a p0340 code qitch was the cam sensor ive changed tht with a dealership 1 today now it says p0522 which ive found out is the oil pressure sensor. Its still not starting an the starter just wines when i turn the key im wondering if the engine could be locked up it has oil in it an it wasnt knocking or anything so im baffled an advice ill change the p0522 sensor tomorrow but any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you

My 2004 pt cruiser shut off while driving an i did the key trick an got p0340 which i hve found out is the cam sensor, but the car wont turn ovr and it seems like the starter is no good im gonna replace the sensor tomorrow, but will tht make it nit turn ovr when i turn the key the starter just rev up like its just spinning but the car not trying to crank plz help an iy also put out p2074 code which is a vacuum. Besides tht the other code was 02 sensor

My pt cruiser was in a accident now it wont turn over it has front damage the fuel pump works it just wont start. The damage is not that bad everything else works, its seem like the starter not getti g any power

It does it alot here lately. When i let the clutch out it has a hesitation to it when u go to take off

No codes, no engine light