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I have 03 pt cruiser...when i turn rhe engine off...the horn honks and locks make noises....why would it do that..?
The car will not change in gear and running hot
My car has overheated two times so after letting it sit for a few days I tried adding water in the radiator and I saw it was leaking in two places the side the bigger leak was close to the radiator and the smaller leak kind of looked like it was antifreeze I put aleast a gallon of water in radiator but it did not fill it. I would like to get an idea of what the possible problems might be and an idea of what those problems might cost thank you for your help
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when I let it cool for about 15 min both times overheated I was able to drive it about 2 or 3 miles
How long have you had this problem? 1 week
turbo engine
I take compression test with different results every time. Just put timing belt in and water pump. I set timing it started drove it ,ran great then when owner drove it it made a pop noise and didn't start back checked my work it was fine but did a compression test and won't have compression in cylinders at consisting testing one will have then 3 will have and 124 don't or 2 has and 4 has but 1 and 3 don't do another compression test and get different results
In one or two cylinderso then do another compression test and won't have compression in that cylinder but have in the other two or no compression in 3 cylinderso but one. Do another test and get different results
New water pump.timing devil added as head gasket is leaking. Won't stop overheating..93k miles.mechanic says time to let it go. Won't get my investment back to repair head gasket etc. What do I do?
Said it still leaks that it is the rack??
Now started leaking again no fluid in it started making noise and I seen smoke coming out
I need to adjust the clock on my vehicle. I don't have a manual
wont crank, wont start, the accident did very little to engine (esp. cooling system, ) no leaking but front frame crossbar was pull out and bent front part of passenger side's frame - out about 20° toward passenger wheel.
RE #1 trunk is shut properly but will chime while driving its open and stays on/#2 had new battery replaced today and realized on my way home that my tail lights were not coming on my brake lights are fine but was hoping it was was just something minor possibley while changing battery something was disconnected or fuse I have no idea. Any suggestions ????
It starts when it's cold, but after I run it for a while and shut it off, doesn't always start it just cranks over, but if I wait a few minutes it will start. I already replace the crankshaft sensor.
It was fine last night but won't turn today. I tried my spare key
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