2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser Questions

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Changed oil pressure sensor. Problem still happening
Started car and turned on headlights. Headlights did not work, fog lights and parking lights did not work. All interior lights, dash lights, emergency flashers, directional signals worked. Also noticed that the remote keyless entry system did not work; couldn't lock or unlock doors with key fob. Didn't try door mounted lock/unlock switch.
Checked fuses in dash mounted fuse panel that pertained to problem: #1, Headlamp switch. #8, Fog lamps. #19 & 20, individual headlamps (not likely) and #3, RKE Door locks. All checked good, visually and with ohm meter.
Then checked fuses in PDC. #10, ext lighting, RKE, Alarm and Doorlocks.
Everything checked good. So I replaced the Multi-function switch (left side that controls lights). No help.
Need suggestions where to go from here.
Car isn't engaging in to gear then does loud air noise when I hit the gas
We replaced the cam shaft sensor after having the car diagnosed it said can shaft and crank shaft sensor then wouldn't start we replaced the starter with a new one still the car just clicks when you try to start it
It goes up to full and back down to empty when key comes on but stays on e all the time.
Car runs rough. Had complete tune air filter, spark plugs, wires, coil replaced. & injectors cleaned, still after engine warms up engine has mis fires & power loss. What direction of repair next
I understand it to be 2 front coil struts/shocks, and 2 rear this correct
When I turn my key nothing happens but lights work and everything else
Noticed a clicking sound when breaking and taking off. It disapated with acceleration. Two days later it wouldn't turn over, making the same clicking sound while trying to start it.
When i drive it sounds like a belt churring. Then while the car is in drive and im driving i just press on the gas and nothing happens but if i press real hard over and over then it will begin driving again
When I step on the gas the light disappears and comes back if I slow down or stop .
I have 03 pt cruiser...when i turn rhe engine off...the horn honks and locks make noises....why would it do that..?
The car will not change in gear and running hot
My car has overheated two times so after letting it sit for a few days I tried adding water in the radiator and I saw it was leaking in two places the side the bigger leak was close to the radiator and the smaller leak kind of looked like it was antifreeze I put aleast a gallon of water in radiator but it did not fill it. I would like to get an idea of what the possible problems might be and an idea of what those problems might cost thank you for your help
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when I let it cool for about 15 min both times overheated I was able to drive it about 2 or 3 miles
How long have you had this problem? 1 week
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