2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser Questions

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Running lights don't work
My car turn off while driving n won't start back up
Idles good humming noise from under hood and smell gas from it a timing issue.can someone give me some more information.
As soon as i turn off the ignition my interior lights stay on more than normal time . they turn off and turn back on by themselves i remove the fuse and the turn off but i loose the option to lock/unlock the doors with the button on the door and also on the factory alarm remote
Just replaced compressor, hose and both switches. Also vacuum system and filled with Freon. Checked fuse got power.
had timing belt and water pumped replaced on 3/302017

fine until about a month ago, check engine light came on, after filling with gas.

not blinking, have driven the car until now and added gas one more time, still on
car turning over but want crank
When i hold gear shifter manual trans i feel it moving and it pops out of gear if i do not hold it in
2.)need top piece on dashboard part cost and installation cost?
Ive been to dealership twice to have the fobs programmed, but they cant do it. what can I do to make system work?
car overheats and blows coolant out have a boiling sound when car is cut off
I changed the crankshaft sensor and I turn the key and nothing i charged battery over nightand still no lights and won't crank is it a bad battery
Over heating,while idling.Fan doesn't come on.
Could start car and take key out while it was running and now the key is stuck to the on position and feels free wont turn off lucky it is a standard but does it need new tumblers or the entire ignition switch please help
i was going about 20mph when i heard a rattling sound coming from the engine, by the time i got my window down to listen better , the motor shut off.
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