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I pulled in my driveway and went to turn the car off and it would not shut off with the key all the way out so I had to pull the fuel pump fuse out in order to kill the car and then the lights ran the battery dead and...
i have changed turn signal switch and still have no power to any fuses or relays i still have turn signals and dome light
I replaced timing belt and all the components. Now it has a rough idle. I'm pretty sure the timing is off. How do I completely reset the timing?
Then it will stop running. All while you have cars running about 60 miles behind you. What is wrong?
the parts are sold as a kit belt,water pump & idlers/tensioners
car ran fine until 2 days ago then had to have it towed home because all of a sudden it started running really rough would only go about 25 or so mph.so a friend of mine put his code reader on it and told me it said t...
Power steering hose and fuel leak recalls
Knocks loud on idle and acceleration
Also, my car has cut off while driving.even though it does starts back so far.
When I put new plugs in after a while the gap in them are smashed down ,the car will still run if i set the gap again,it sounds crazy, but is there something with motor that could cause this.?