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even when the engine is turned off
After installing two new Lower Control Arms, sway control arm links and bushings the car now has a steering slack of about 10 degrees left and right of center. This slack is present with car static engine off, static engine on or while driving but, the car seems to track straight.
Car may have been driven some years, inadvertently, with bad rearmost bushings (vertical bolt one) on both sides. Decided to have new LCAs.
2001 PT Cruiser Limited 2.4L, Automatic Trans, 104,000 miles
Have owned form 13 years and would like to keep it going.
Terminals chorode regularly and even after cleaning them, the car acts as if the battery is dead. Battery shows full charge. The black cable on positive terminal is torn where wires are exposed some.
2001 PT Cruiser Alarm light flashing off and on after turning key and says done on odometer.
2001 PT Cruiser won't start and need to know how to repair the neutral safety switch.
Happens anytime of day. Oil light comes on in start position. Hooked up to diagnostic shows nothing wrong. Also dies while driving. Have not been able to hook up to diag while car was off. Replaced battery.
My fog lights comes on and at time the panels lights are on and my battery is competely dead. And I do not how this happens
It will stop after a while.
How do I disconnect the switch or bypass it.
Checked fuses, they are all good
recent starter is 6months old.starts and go but sometimes I go to store and when I go to start the dash lights up andclick and nothing come back hour or so later it will start and no problem for2-3 months u never know when it will leave me stuck.also fog light switch goes bad fog lights stays on I remove fuse to shut off.that was replaced couple years ago.thanks,GINO
came out of gear 2nd. tried shifing in other gears nothing clutch feels good. but grinds like its half way in gear.
it broke off so the people at 10 minute oil change told us.
Car won't go above 25-30 mph
Our PT cruiser was running hot. We took it to a garage & we had to have the radiator replaced. A few days after the radiator was replaced, my husband attempted to check the oil & found that the dipstick was broken. Could that have occurred when the radiator was replaced? The garage said that couldn't have happened since the radiator was pulled from below.
my vehicle has been having issues with the steering and handling for about the last 6 months.It' hard to keep it from being "all over the place" especially with freeway driving.

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