Pulled the fuse but still happening . Sounds like noise is in back doors and trunk . Been going on all day . With key out and car off .

i have also turned the car off sat 5 to 10 mins started it up and continued to driveand the needle never went past normal range why? sometimes with heater on the needle will slowly fall again why. what should i check?

I have a PT Cruiser 2001 and it's running hot I I want to know if it's bad will
the steam come out the radiator cap

Fuses are good, headlights good, NO highbeams and no fog lights (I don't care much about high beams/fog) we need help in troubleshooting the brake lights dilemma.
2001 Chrysler Pt Cruiser 5 speed. We just bought this car today and would like for it to be legit. I personally love my Subaru 5speed(:
Thank you

Car just won't start has good battery all working.

It's a brand new battery but has to be recharged after I have it in storage.

I have a blue/green color that was only in the 2001 models. What color is that?

Is giving me a buzzing sound when I gas on it

was driving on highway when pt cruiser when it lost all gears

I want to remove the center armrest so that I can have it repaired?

code 106 repaired cooling sensor plug in is bad will start and die

What should I do should I call Chrysler themselves .because I'm having issues with leaking fluid.transmission fluid already leaked engine oil.my dashboard is cracking like no tommorow I never saw anything like it.my CD player does not work or the ac and my sunroof leaks water into my light right behind the sunroof when it rains.I have 6 more payments on it.only has 129,832 miles on it because they replaced the engine.what are my rights as I do not have good credit .the transmission fluid leak is slow and said it's the rear axle seal .that. it's gonna cost me between 100 to 120.00 to put in.since I've had this car I spent way over 3,000 between inspections .

Yes, funny I know but it would start fine, then I put a headlight bulb, a turn signal bulb and replaced a fuse, the car was running fine.. An hour later, started it up but as soon as it did it bogged down and shut off started again, same thing... third time it shut off and won't even try to start.