2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser Questions

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oh lights dome light boot light not working
after a while it drives good
Clunk in rear of 2001 pt . How dangerous is it for driving.?
Not loud, just when it’s driven five minutes.
After the car has been sitting overnight, a continuous loud squeal is present when driving car from parking spot, then has a loud single squeal when stopping. This sound goes away when driving at normal speeds on the road. The squealing sounds like the rear tire axle rotating when the rear wheels are turning. I've had my rear sway bar links replaced but the squeal is still present.
I am replacing the water pump on my 2001 pt cruiser. I purchased a new tensioner pulley as mine was worn. after installing it and replacing the belt I noticed if I pushed on the tensioner the outside ring moved back towards the engine block. I didn't notice this on the one I took out and the new one is shaped different than the original one. Is this normal?
My car took off on me and I could'nt get it to stop. After running 2 red lights and almost running into multipul cars I finally turned the car off and called the police because I was too scared to even start it again
How long have you had this problem? once
Just won't shift sometimes I can turn it off and restart engine and it will shift but check light stays on sometimes it is okay for awhile.
When i try to start my 2001 PT Cruiser it only makes clicking sounds. The headlights dash lights radio come on though. This happened suddenly. What could be wrong with my car?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? Just suddenly happened
even when the engine is turned off
After installing two new Lower Control Arms, sway control arm links and bushings the car now has a steering slack of about 10 degrees left and right of center. This slack is present with car static engine off, static engine on or while driving but, the car seems to track straight.
Car may have been driven some years, inadvertently, with bad rearmost bushings (vertical bolt one) on both sides. Decided to have new LCAs.
2001 PT Cruiser Limited 2.4L, Automatic Trans, 104,000 miles
Have owned form 13 years and would like to keep it going.
Terminals chorode regularly and even after cleaning them, the car acts as if the battery is dead. Battery shows full charge. The black cable on positive terminal is torn where wires are exposed some.
2001 PT Cruiser Alarm light flashing off and on after turning key and says done on odometer.
2001 PT Cruiser won't start and need to know how to repair the neutral safety switch.
Happens anytime of day. Oil light comes on in start position. Hooked up to diagnostic shows nothing wrong. Also dies while driving. Have not been able to hook up to diag while car was off. Replaced battery.
My fog lights comes on and at time the panels lights are on and my battery is competely dead. And I do not how this happens
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