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I was driving down the road been driving for bout 3 hours and it was fine was headed to store to get gas and it was like it lost power when i pushed the gas pedel and stopped at the store killed it and now wont start checked the water .oil.and transmission fluid ...sat here for hour to let cool down incase it was running hot but still wont start can anybody please help ????

How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
The air will blow well and then after a while it will decrease amount of air or stop all together. I have replaced blower motor, worked well for a day and now back to the same issue. Also replace fuses as well as radiator cooling fans.worked fine and now having trouble again after driving for 3 hours.
I understand some are pressurized and some are not
it seems to be from the front end, maybe at the windshield area.
First time this has happened. It also blew the radiator cap.
When starting the car there is a flap sound that makes a knock noise when accelerator is pressed right away and runs rough like the air flow sensor isn't working no power
tried the shifter override and didn't work. still wont move out of park?
When starting to accelerate truck it will take time to accelerate especially in hills, after a while then it will accelerate normal but every day it keeps doing it now will take its time to accelerate normal
2006 crysler, pasifica
Change oil pc valve and hose yesterday and its leaking water.
I need to find a mobilization module in my 2006 Pacifica so I can reset it
While it is running it smells a firecracker. It smells horrible. While sitting it has a miss so bad it makes the car shake.
What could be the issue?
I've been to two mechanics, looking for third opinion
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