2005 Chrysler Pacifica Questions

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What type of oil is used in this car?

What type oil to use in car

My car starts to sputter around 35 miles an hour I read the code and it said it was the catalytic converter how do I tell if it's the upflow or the downflow

After u forced it I to hear did you ever have problems with it after that?

blew off top radiator hose. replaced it. this time car over heated steam was coming out of overflow tank. replaced radiator cap, still car over heats

About to replace my alternator and the car needs some encouragement ATM when starting so and with seeing info about this plunger as i ship for an alternator I'm starting to think it's a good idea to replace both at the same time

When going from a start or under about 30MPH it jerks as if it's running out of gas

was told that the sensor on the fuel pumps went out and that i need to replace the fuel filters in my pacifica. i am trying to find a reasonable price to have this fixed.

i have fuel at the tank but on fuel at the injectors any ideas? I replaced the fuel pump also

Cylinoid module changed

my car will not crank due to starter not engageing. i have got new one and it still will not engage the starter. i have checked fuses and relays please help

2005 pacifica 2wd 3.5 engine. driving at highway speed car quit running. would not restart. checked codes with scanner , no codes. spins over fine. checked all fuses, check ground, checked fuel system. any ideas on which way to go from here?

My wife was driving her pacifica the other night and it just died. Got the p0340 code and replaced cam and crank position sensors and a new battery. I have tried to spray starter fluid in the intake and got nothing. It is still showing the p0340 code. Any help would be appreciated. I forgot to mention the motor will crank but won't fire.

Stops at acc only, won't go to lock position.

The gear shift won't move out of park , the car is running but can't put it in gear