2004 Chrysler Pacifica Questions

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Car cut off while driving it, mechanic determined it was the fuel pump annd replaced it, car is still doing the same thing. Not to mention my key done broke off the keypad prior to this, been riding around with a rigged key
I have a 2004 Chrysler pacific, when the key is in the off position and out the dash lights stay on, unless I hit the hazard lights then it shuts off. The NAV doesn't come on, the keyless entry doesn't work and the remote lift gate doesn't work either. Thinking ignition switch? Or short?
my check engine light stays on recently it goes on and off and sometimes the oil light comes on after but had a oil change a month ago.Checked oil and it has plenty of oil .
It was working fine but blower was erratic,Thank You for advice
If you do a hand switch it will turn over but not start. Very lost a very confused
We have a Chrysler Pacifica 2004 thats fram snapt in 3 place and can't be fixed.... Please can you help and get back to us asap.... Thank you so much

Sincerely Kristina
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? Four years
My ground Burt and my car shut off we replaced the ground wire aand car still won't can't run radio and heater at same time or one will shut off
Any ideas why car won't start
How long have you had this problem? 6 months its been sitting
Windshield wipers and window are not operating. Cannot get vehicle out of park. The window relay is clicking when the ignition key is turned on.

The radio and heater are working.
Always and just bought car
Also lights come on saying my brakes, air bag,oil,abs and various other things need to be checked
Alarm won't stop even when i put key in switch have to disconnect battery or wait a while for it to stop on it's own
It burns oil i have to have the windows down and it smokes through the air vents and the oil light flashes i check the oil and i have it changed every 5,000 miles
I had it look at they told me it was the battery I got a new one. I also got a gound piece put on. Im.still having problem. All the lights comes on. It just wont click to start If turns over it just wont start
It is running on high again. What is the problem?
Estimate cost please.
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