1995 Chrysler New Yorker Questions

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Was driving and car just quit all of a sudden and now has no spark. what is the most likely reason for this
miles. Car ran fine. When I came to stop at stop sign car died. Will not start. Replaced coil pack, plugs, crank shaft positioning senbbc.cosor, checked fuel injectors, fuel filter, fuel pump,.gives codes 12, 41, & 55. Help please.
Lid still opens by key or remote.....or was
Solenoid pack changed..checked wiring.. Had radio replaced before...I noticed one wire in conduit spliced.I don't see ground wire going from granny to body..where do I buy ground wire..this car stressing me 821.1190..text me if u answer.
if it sits for a while it will take it up to 6 or so seconds before starting
A/C worked then quit sometimes putting out cold air most time hot air. fan runs all the time pumping out air hot or cold controls would not change any fan motion or direction. We're stuck?
Changed the water pump and the stat it's still over heating
driping gas from exhaustpipe and white smoke,it started about a day ago
tested the spark plug connectors, and they appear to be firing okay. i have no ideas.
my a/c blows hot air like the heater is on and theres a tapping noise coming from under the dash
Just about once a day, my transmission will stick in second gear (fail safe mode) and will not clear until I turn the engine off. Once I turn the engine off,and then back on, fail safe clears and the transmission returns to normal. I had the tranny rebuilt, and the repair man states it could be the power module, he claims the transmission checks out with no detectable problems. Could it be the power module?
my aiebag and abs light stays on most of the time, it's been that way about a month.
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