1993 Chrysler New Yorker Questions

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steering stopped working why
Just started tapping today. Should I add Lucas? What should I do? Need to drive 110 miles.
Ive looked on youtube and all signs point to something else other than the struts... it doesnt bounce excessively when goi g over a bump... it actually seems pretty stiff... pls help anybody. I need this fixed and quick
bought new tires. did not help
I have a 93 Chrysler Fifth Ave New
Yorker. When I pull the headlight
knob out the headlight doors don't
open at all but the running lights still
come on. I can push on top of the
covers and they flip so I don't think
they are stuck closed. The headlights
aren't on behind the doors either
when I pull the knob out. Any idea of
what this could be and what I need
to do?
front signals not flashing rear lights work as well as indicator lights work changed bulb etc
changed bulbs etc.the rear lights flash and indicator lights work and flash
Practically no brakes
All the shops I visited are unable to find the parts or repair.
the power stirring hose is stripped in the rack and pinion.
Gauges are correct but still blowing hot air. Can anyone help?
also idles a little rough
my idler pully has no give
need to find out if all three are related to the same issue if it could be a flasher or if they are not related
when it cut off you have to turn the switch back to off then start it for it to run
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