1992 Chrysler New Yorker Questions

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Everything thing was fine started car went to turn on a/c blower not working windows won't work but if you try to turn on blower or put windows down they won't work and the dummy lights on dash light up when buttons are pushed
Randomly clicks when I go to start the car. Then I turn the key and the car starts right up. It worry's me that the starter or a relay is going to fail and the car not turn over one of these times it does that.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? I just turn the key again and it starts.
How long have you had this problem? Off and on the last couple of months. Days or weeks apart.
Does it sound like a switch problem, resistor problem or fan blower mother problem? Thanks Sh
My trunck won't open n I don't have the key for it
car has been put on a dino. shop said computer that c
ontrols fuel system is faulty,no other info was giving.
How do recharge my ac unit thats running with r 12 freon?
on the transmission. how would i fix it?
replaced belt and tensioner
where is blower mtr located love the car but things are starting to happen at only 78k, this is our third cad and most likely our last. can wants 6k to repair power seat mtr trans selenoid, and leak from oil pan power seat mtr is $1368
i purchased with 15k on it back in 2006 I thought this car wd hold up better than this very disapointed
we cant find where the flasher relay on a new yorker 5th ave please before they tear the whole dash out of this car
Where is the fuel cutoff relay on a 1992 new yorker 5th avenue
car just died one day and i checked for spark and it wont fire ive checked relays and fuses and still nothing
i recharge my unit was working fine now its blow hot there are no leaks but it is air in the line and blowing hot
so at light press the gas car kinda sputters the alaram started truning its self off and on, won't hold a charge and won't start already put a new battery in and it will not hold a charge
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