1990 Chrysler New Yorker Questions

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No noise when trying to start
What seems to make the problem better or worse? WHEN IS ON THE ROAD
How long have you had this problem? ABOUT ONE YEAR
Battery and alternator have been replaced.
Sounds like exhaust knocking maybe. I have no idea
the step #2 box only goes to 1990 model as oldest! it is a 1964 Chrysler new yorker
When I disengage the emergency brake and it doesn't release and the car doesn't move what may be the problem
I need to add power steering fluid to a new Yorker 1989 where does it go?
The car overheated, then the battery died. Now it won't start. I put cheap antifreeze in and afterword noticed on the label it read 'do not add water' which I did. One 1/2 gallon antifreeze to one 1/2 gallon water. I then added 1/4 gallon of antifreeze labeled 'must add water' and that was all I could put in since the battery was dead.
The temperature will be around 4 degrees tonight. Is the car in danger of cracking it's block in the sub zero temperatures and if not, how warm should I wait for it to get till I try to start the engine again?
Car trys to crank but only gives 1 slow turn. Battery, alternator and starter are new. It is a 1964 new yorker.
at first my headlights were going off and on and then my dashboard went completely out. i baught a dimmer switch and the problem stopped for a while then all of the sudden my tailights went out. now my brake and signal light work in the back but the taillights dont work. how can i fix that?

i drove my car around all day. when i parked it, it wouldnt crank. i thought it was that faulty security system i had but the security light wasnt on. so my friend thought it was the fuel pump and so i replaced it and the strainer and it still wont crank. can you help me.
My car started just fine then I needed to wiggle the shifter in and out of park to get it to start. when that doesn't work if you move the wheel up and down and wiggle the shifter around it would start now that's not working. I took apart the steering wheel housing to see if it was a loose wire and there are no wires in there. if anyone can give me some suggestions I am willing to try anything at this point to get it to start. Thank you.
changed oil and filter
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