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What is wrong my car dies going down the sometimes it starts but this time it wont
I got ready to open the hood from inside the car and the cable seemed to have broken and now the hood is stuck closed and I cannot open it.
When I turn my A/C on it only blows hot.
all the time when at a stop or driving slow
At first cut off cool of and then start up
Now want start at all I am told I need
Computer help me

Hello I have a Chrysler lhs 1999 recently my car has be ideling at low speed so much that I have to put it in neutral at stopblights and rev it then throw it back in drive but when I drive in the highway I don't have that problem its good but soon as I hit 30 or lower it wants to turn off the cruse light comes on and the check engine light comes on then it shuts off I went to the gas's station to fill it up like threeo day ago ago and it would not Starr back up when I turn the key I only here a click click click sound and I pump the gas while I do that and nothing happens at all I had to leave it there and call a friend to get me sao can someone help me out if they know what might be the problem I need to be back on the road please someone any one help me out if you think its my fule injector, catalitic converter, fueses , please help me I'm desperate
If I "slam" the shifter into P, then it will start. The starter and fuel pump seem fine.
Fuse #9 is good.
Thank You
battery and alternator are fine - steering column is on "crooked" and it seems as though there's a short in the wiring. I was able to "wiggle" it and get it started with no problem, but now it just won't catch. I'm trying to budget the repairs but haven't even gotten it into my mechanic (who is awesome). Looking to figure out a rough estimate of how much time it will take and ROUGH estimate of costs.
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