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I changed the filter in the pan add a new floor put new upper and lower shift speed control modules in and it's still not shifting into 3rd gear it goes into like a neutral and revs the engine sometimes it even blows a fuse
Car began to stall and died when I pulled off road and now will not start. Cranks but don't start.
When I turn the key off, some power remains on. The A/C lights only and not the A/C, remain on. Also the power to the power windows is still on. So my battery is drained by morning. If I jiggle the key a little bit till the A/C lights go off, then the battery is ok the next morning. Is the ignition lock cylinder bad or the ignition switch? What need replacing and what does it cost?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Jiggling the key to turn off all power
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
Fees like who front end falling out. I see 2 boots on each side are blown out. Not sure what it's caled
Feels like front end waving the car.
I user to be an auto tech by trade. I need to find the troubleshooting diagnostic tree for a 97 LHS with the P0401 code. The engine stall at idle while applying vacuum to the EGR valve. Need help finding the diagnostic tree for this vehicle. can anyone help? Thanks, Leon
engine light on. appears at idle after about 15 miles highway
Long crank time also. Strong raw gas smell at exhaust. Check engine light gave me a purge valve code, replaced that, light went out, now back on again. Starts right up if done within a minute or so after shut off...afterwards I need to Hold the accelerator down. Will also start after 3 lengthy cranking cycles without touching gas. Runs rough first 5 seconds then runs normal. Also noticing when in park idle is inconsistent occasionally, but doesn't stall. I did a vacuum line search, found one off, still didn't resolve issue.
AC works fine. Nice and cool.
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