1995 Chrysler LeBaron Questions

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Pulled into my drive today,had a wee bit of a problem getting the car in park,once in park I could not remove my key. I can still start and drive the car.

I am trying to find a replacement part for my 95 chrysler lebaron convertible with the 3.0 automatic. There is a small plastic piece that slides over the shift handle inside the shifter housing that guides the release for the key from the ignition switch, and this is the part I am looking for. I cant find it because I have no idea what it is called..... Thanks for any help in advance!

I've had the car 3 yrs. So far I've replaced radiator, gas tank, CV joint, ball joint, tires, ignition. Now it needs struts and the rear window won't stay in the ragtop, which also won't go up. It runs hot in traffic too. It leaks oil and also has a tranny seal leak. It's rusty and has no air conditioner and needs paint but all in all, it runs decent. It will be a classic in 1-1/2 yrs. and even if the engine blows, I can use any chrysler van engine in it. Should I continue to fix it considering it's saved me a car payment every month, or cut my losses and take on payments I can't afford?

Went to get alignment after replacing bad tires and was told both struts needed to be replaced because the bolt on one had worn an oblong hole and worked itself lose causing vehicle to shake.

its right above the bell houseing and haz a rubber ring around it

Iv'e been driving my car stuck in second gear for about 30 days then all of a sudden it now won't go forward at all, the only gear that works now is reverse. What can I do to repair this. what parts do I need to replace and where are loccated under the hood. where can I get a diagram of my engine with part descriptions?

wont stay idling

checked the fuse and it was fine. Is there another fuse or something simple I can check under the hood?

car wont shift,,seems 2 be stuck in 2nd ,,changed filter an fluid an same problem,,can it be one of the sensors on tranny????

I was able o get the top down and now the top won'[t come back up. I cannot even hear the motor. It does nothing. I cannot afford a new motor. Can I spray silicon on it to get it back up? What should I do? Anyone have a used cheap top and/or motor?

I have replaced the starter 3 times now and I still get a clicking sound when I try to start it sometimes? Under no particular conditions does it happen... It will start on the first try for awhile ( days, weeks,) and then out of nowhere it will just click. I've had the battery load tested twice and it reads ok. Eventually it does start, but not before I hit the starter, wiggle wires ect. This is a huge problem for me now because my gf keeps getting stranded. I dont want to waste over $100 bucks on another starter if it is not necessary. HELP! Please!