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when it starts it idles ruff then may die several times. the rest of the day it starts fine. check engine light is on now codes 12, 22, 54. I think code 22 is a coolant sensor problem the other 2 are not trouble codes.
Driving at relatively low speed, I was in the front passenger seat when suddenly there was a loud grinding sound seemingly from the front end and it felt like weight shifted from the center toward the outside under my feet. My dad checked the U-joints and axle on both sides including the axle bearings but cannot locate the issue. Now on the rare occasion that he does drive the car the grinding continues worse when starting from a full stop, and the front end feels completely instable.
Is that where squeaking coming from also water pump replaced recently thought squeaking was from that could it be from tach. Is it connected to belt. The alternator was recently replaced .
And nutral but in drive it just reves the motors rpm but wont kick in gear it takes about 45 min to cool down before it will. Drive again on the freeway were the air keeps the radiator cool its fine but stopping and going not alsoi have to run the heater and that keeps the temp down
Do you need to drain the oil to do the ftont seals and could the other seals from pressure the drip are after 4 miles I know a head is seeping but would it drip from the back of oil pan on bottom the spot is about the size of nickel or quarter when I park then it stops but it is cold
I'm losing coolant, as fast as you can put it in. The coolant is coming out of the rear of the motor. What could it be?
My auto locks stopped working then my windows one at atime other than fuses and window motors what could it be?
Most of the time the heater works but at times not at all
the car jerks at a stop and the idler bounces up and down even before it shifts could the timing be off or could it be a adjustmentof something sensor or fuel filter clogged?
First of all this car leaks a huge amount of oil. Secondly, it has no heat. Twice I guess I did not let it warm up enough because when I put it into drive, it only would go in reverse. The front breaks were recently replaced as well as the air conditioner. I also had to put in a new starter and new battery. I spoke with a mechanic that told me they had done work on this car previously. They said they replaced the water pump and timing belt, changed the oil and some tires. Another problem I noticed was my check guage comes off and on if I step on my breaks too hard or making a sharp turn. Is this car redeemable? Is it safe to drive? How much money am I looking at to have these repairs?
I need to replace the motormounts on the driverside on my 1994 lebaron convertible where can i get them
sincerly annie
need specifications on front end toe in alignment
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