2004 Chrysler Crossfire Questions

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replacement key
What seems to make the problem better or worse? i only have one key
How long have you had this problem? since i purchased it 2 months ago
What do you think it is ? I used a bottle of ac collant and it was cold for a day.
The key goes in and turns, but does not start the engine.
Noticed my power back has been hurting since I bought the car 3/months ago. Now it out me out for two weeks with back pain. I love the car but will sell it I can't remedy this
My bumper on my 2004 is busted. I know where a 2005 bumper is just want to make sure it will work on my car.
really ,like its in the front come on if im saying the front turn signals not working then the back must be
After he held a car for 2 months you gave it back to me he said the check engine light is off now there's no check engine light at all on the car
Gear shifter is a hundred times more loose than it was earlier in the day that all the gears went out.
and broke the water pump . the pully wabills maybe broken shaft. insurance wont cover says it was warn ..but caused by the hit to brake...
If the key remains in the ignition after I turn it off, it will crank up everytime. if I remove the key, I have to do the jiggle wiggle with the key.
When I put my key into the ignition it is not turning over like it's supposed to. The key is not turning over in order to start up my vehicle
its the basic v6 with 55,000 miles. I can clear the code and it comes on immediately. I have been dealing with this for 3years its time to repair this. Thanks
For a diagnostic.
Key does fit a little loose but always has.
Six speed manuel
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