2003 Chrysler Concorde Questions

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I was driving for about ten minutes and than i stopped and in about a minute the car started wobbling really bad, the ac belt fell off, I got the old belt back on but it's loose and I need to replace it, I have the belt just wanted to know the easiest way to do this and how do I know if I need new pulleys or not?
This set screw is on the maim fuel intake, and adjusts the engine idle speed. It's in a bit of a blind spot back by the firewall. Can't tell what screw driver to use for adjustment. This engine idles at 600-700 rpm. I need it slightly higher.
the car has a new battery and year old alternator
With the Cam locking tool on should all the valves appear to be closed?
new rubber brake lines, new proportioning valves has been installed, what may be causing that
Needs response ad soon as ppssible.God blesd
Car stalls when engine light comes on and I am at a stop like a light or stop sign. It does start back up well so far it has. What could be the issue?
Driver side power window isn't working. What should I check?
How do I replace dash bulbs for climate control display? Can't figure out how to remove dash face...
We think that the linkage to the transmission has become disconnected. We are unable to find where it connects to the tranny, only the shift lever. Can you help us out?
my car starts but it wont stay running, what is the problem
Some how in the past two days my sunroof "vent" button got pushed and when we went out today we found it open. I took the glass out, checked the tracks for ice (used blow dryer) or any debris but nothing. Of course this car doesn't have a manual close feature. I was wondering if maybe there was a separate fuse for the sunroof? or is it the same one for the power windows ? as they work. Any ideas on how I could get it closed?
we replaced thermostat and a black box on upper hose with a bleeder screw still no heat and heater core hoses are ice cold any suggestions
Where is the power steering rack located? Could it be damaged by sliding into a ditch?
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