2003 Chrysler Concorde Questions

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The starter won't turn over after car is hot , just clicking noise , car cools off 3 hours car starts and runs fine . I have already changed the relay ,
I got the alternator battery and the computer system replace and it still dies on me what else can be the problem could it be the starter that's causing my battery to die
Hood slammed shut and now I can't get
it to pop up.
After allowing the car to sit for some time the brakes will release and can be driven again but the same symptoms will repeat. Calipers, rotors, pads, flex lines and brake lines have been replaced. System has new brake fluid and has been properly bled.
should I change it now?
A couple days ago a thick white smoke started coming from tail pipes at first it was so bad that the street would look cloudy... I got the oil changed n it stopped for a day but I didn't drive it for three day and it's doing it again not as much as when it first started but it is DEFINATELY visible what are some other thing beside the heads that can be going on cause it hasn't ever ran hot...bad the only code that pops up is the can shaft sensor code n now my brake light is on...
1) May 2014:
Check engine light would come on and randomly self reset.

2) August/Sept 2014:
a. All power windows quit working*
b. No heat*
*Possibly sametime but not sure*

3) December 2014:
a. Lose transponder key and have
locksmith make replacement.
b. Replaced battery, drive belt, a/c belt and tensioner pulley

4) January 2015:
a. Ign cylinder bad. I can pull key
out while engine remains running
b. Driver side power door lock grinding noise

5) Febuary 2015:
a. **Main dash lights stop**
b. **all gauges(fuel,speedometer, . tachometer & eng temp)
c. **Tail lights**
**all quit same time**

I'm ok with the cylinder being bad as long as its not causing other issues. Please steal it. Lol.

The fuses and relays both on the drivers side panel & the box under the hood are all good. Unless there's another box other than those 2 locations they've all been checked.

Oddly theres also always been a random definately not constant static come through my radio speakers as well. Even when at very low volume. Relevant Idfk.


Concorde Chaos

had a crack in my radiator that I patched with epoxy which fixed it.... until my carwas towed down a hill... which I thought may have cracked my radiator again... but when speaking to towing company after he put water in my radiator which still ran hot he then insisted that it was my water pump.... reserve tank is completely dry after filling it up and driving a short distance don't know if he is trying to get out of fixing something they broke it is it really my water pump
When my car is park in the driveway and you can see my car headlight flashing , the light turn on for 10 second then it flash three or four time then repeat again after 20 minutes , do that 4 to 5 time then stop, it do that every few days , I saw that most of the time at night but I been told that people saw my car do that in day time too ,
Thanks for your help
Why is it still coming on?
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