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Well every morning my car dont want to turn on i got battery checked they said that it was good, i put a new starter about 2-3 months ago they tested the alternator and that is also good so im confused on what it is.........any good decent machanics in Austin Tex????????????????????????????????????????
Hi, my name is jeska, i wanted to see if i can get any feed back on whats going on with my car. So to make a long story short, my car was leaking oil and my brother said to buy that lucas engine stop leak so i did i put half a bottle and then i called advanced auto parts and asked was i suppose to put the whole 32 oz. they said yes so i did and to put oil after so i bought one small motor oil and now my car is smoking.... aghhhhhhhhhhh Help,,,,, sumone please 512-226-3739
this happen when i back up from parking lot and turning the wheel on right side making a loud clicking noise also when turn wheel left side
idling too low
a passer by mentioned it sounds like my bearing is going out and if i didnt get it fixed id need another car. it starts out steady squeak. then once ur accelerating it becomes a whistle until u slow down enough or stop. then back to a squeak.its only been doing this for less than a month now
I got off the freeway today and my car wouldn't go passed 10 mph, but my rpms were hitting 3?
Two mths ago my radiator split on the fan side of it. So naturally it was replace also replace fan (just in case) that was the problem n did thermostat water pump n belt an temp sensor an first time driven it ,within 10min it ran hot an then I didn't know I had to open bleeder screw ,, so drain out all antifreeze an open bleeder screw with engine running an now I can drive 30min an its slowly getting hot (wth) did I miss
then last night the headlights worked then they didn't now today they are working so far! what could be the problem??
I have the 02 concord with the overheating prob

lem a few mths ago my radiator spring aleak so it needed replacing with that it made sense to do thermostat hoses an temp sensor an water pump an timing belt OK.. When I replace antifreeze didn't know had to open bleeder valve .so I drove it 15min an it over heated so I drain out the antifreeze an replace with bleeder open an its still running hot just not as quick as 15min so do I need to replace thrmstat an temp sensor again or what else did I miss ... Help asap
I put temp an thermostat in at same time but when added antifreeze then didn't know had to open bleeder valve then so I drain all old antifreeze out an added new with bleeder valve open
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