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I've changed all the sparkplugs, coils, put in a new Fuel pump, Crankshaft Sensor, Camshaft Sensor, and theres no check engine light on. The engine turns over theres fuel in the fuel rails but not getting spark....
engine over it almost starts but dosnt
car was mother's. only 75,000 miles. no other issues.
How do I replace the fuel censor on a 2001 Chrysler Concord
Replaced purge valve cause you disconnect the vacuum hose and plug back in it would die but that was not the problem need some ideas i dont know much about these car's
Yea, No, Those OBD II Car Readers are dangerous in the hands of a rookie. I was desperate, had money for a sensor not enough for a tow. Took a chance, made a choice, wrong one.. So I went fishing at a local pond and I noticed coolant on the ground. So I decided to keep an eye on the temp. gauge, sure nuf' got hot fast, Not melt your heads hot but gettin' there. Left er' runnin put in all the water we had quart and a half maybe. Lookin round for more and she turned her self off. Got more H2o cooled her down more and waited a while.. Has'nt started since. Happened to have the reader plugged in cause I'm trying to get it to the smog shop ( waitin' for the last three monitors to do their thing) No check engine light things were lookin' good. Don't know if the coolant leak was related or not just thought I'd mention it cause coincidently, or not it happened at the same time. Left the car in a parkin lot walked on out Sensor kicked out PO340 camshaft sensor circuit malfunction. Every thing said don't go right out and replace it but as I said I was desperate. Not stupid or even delusional, Just desperate. finally got it towed to my work by a friend and there she sits. Just got the car from a friend cause I lost my other car nother story nother time. It had been hit in the rear quarter panel jacked it up pretty bad he just gave me the car It ran well. pounded out the dents was startin to look a lot better. DMV here I come when shazam! PO340 I tell you all that because who knows maybe it too has something to do with it. 116000 K seems like this s--- happens some time. SOOooo, Could it be the throttle pos. Sen. actin up maybe the bigger brain wants it to remember the PO340 for a little longer or maybe it needs to have a chat with a programmer or sumpthin? Really startin to be outa my league. I was never tryin' to pretend I knew what I was doin just hopin something would go my way for a change. So if you are still there after all this. I could sure use some good advice. I dont mean like "what were you thinkin' you Dumb Ass". Cause I already know that much. I do however have an analog and digital volt meter but don't know much about back probing the electric connection to the sensor. Is it possible that it is the cam pos sens circuit malfunction? There I go again! Graspin' at straws. Help! Tony In West Sac CA --------->OUT Oh at least 1 cylinder has compression and spark smell no gas is the timing belt easier to check than that? What about the paper spacer leave on wright?
coolant leak then no start replaced sensor still no start
Went to open door,when I there was a snap then handle quit working
I have power to everything else but when I try to start it theres nothing...won't turn over, no clicking, nothing. Its very cold today, I dont know if that has anything to do with it. I had a friend give me a jump just to make sure it wasnt the battery.
Fuse isn't blown need to know if the switch, motor or relay
could be the problem.
When I try to open the sunroof there is no movement or sound. Need to know if I need a motor, switch or a relay
When I turn on my A/C it blows only hot air. I dont feel or here nothing from A/C.
So on the 20th of Wednesday, I went and got an oil change for my car, I was dropping my son off at daycare and saw that the light had come on. My thoughts hey lets get an oil change, So that's what I did. Now whenever I step on my break even just a little my check oil light comes on..... Need help ASAP. What could the issue be. My Fiancee seems to think that my pulley may be apart of it. Not 100% percent whats up with my pulley but the belt makes a whinny noise when I drive.... Please somebody who knows there shit help me out. Just bought this car a week or so ago and cant afford for my car to break down already.
We had to replace the transmission we disconnected the positive side of the battery been disconnected and dismounted the starter we replace the transmission connected all the connections back major all the connections were in the right places put the battery back and tried to start the car the car turns over the motor turns over but will not start
seems like the cable has come off
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