2000 Chrysler Concorde Questions

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Water in oil
Replaced relay, signal switch in column. If I turn on the flasher nothing happens until I turn on the ignition then the flasher relay clicks but no lights operate in the dash or front or rear of car. Both fuses for the system are good have power at the relay on the pink wire always. Power to the black/yellow when key is on. black wire has ground always as does the blue pink. I thought the blue/pink should strobe with ignition on and blinker set in either direction. All brake/park lights work.
Fuse box where is it
What do I need yo remove or losen to get the AC belt on???
I was in the hospital and my husband lost the only key we had. I told him to brake the ignition and start it with a screwdriver because I had an old car like that. It worked but only started once and then the theft system kicked in and won't start again. Radio and everything works just won't start. The ignition housing got bent up when he was breaking the ignition. A key maker said if we can replace that housing and have him come make us a key he can program that key to the engine and reset it.
It turns over but still wont start
Is it the compressor or just replace the belt, it was working before belt broke
It will not you can not control temp. max hot only
engine turns over and over but does not fire. wait a minute or keep letting engine turn over and it starts. it logs the cam sensor code after starting. A couple of times it has starting bucking and engine tried to quit while driving but let up on the pedal and and it drives normal with check engine light on. I have replaced both cam and crank sensors and the PCm but still does it sometimes. could it be a fuel pressure problem? I want to fix it not pay someone else. this issue is all over the internet on these cars.
seems to happen when slowing down or stopping..low idle speed..then it will start again or come back on..checked battery and alternator they are good. no check engine lights..happens once in a while..cables are just shuts completely down for no reason
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