1997 Chrysler Concorde Questions

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car will run if you spray starter fluid in it until it burn off there is fuel at the rail there is power to the injectors don't know if it has pulse i have a code p1680 i replaced a red wire from batt to the alt it was burned someone hook cables up back word
replaced both front speakers but still having same problem back ones work great front ones all static comes and goes replaced radio also same problem please help w.t.f.
When you try and crank it, it just spins, never actually turns over. It's like it's not
getting fire, or either the timing is off.
I have replaced coil pack spark plug wire and plugs cam sensor and still not running right. Codes say vacuum leak. Also on sensor #1 low voltage. I am stumped can't see the vacuum leak. Any ideas?
I'm planning to buy the door from picknPull, it seems like you have to remove the door from the hinges, but I don't know what tools I might need for it and how to deal with the wires. Any advice? thanks in advance.
While driving down the road my car just suddenly died. I tried to restart it & couldn't get it to fire. A mechanic friend of mine suggested I replace the crankshaft position sensor because there was no spark or anything. I did replace this sensor & still have no spark. Engine turns over fine but, doesn't even attempt to start.
I was going down the road & the car died. When I tried to restart it, it turned over fine, but sounded like the timing was off. I had a friend of mine who is a mechanic check it out & he said there was no fire to plugs or anything & I was told to replace the crankshaft position sensor which I did with no change.
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