1996 Chrysler Concorde Questions

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It's leaking from the o - rings and possibly the fuel rail.
3.3 litre engine
keyless entry
Car gets hot and thats what started it all. Think injectors jeed cleaning for sure cuz had torn intake pipe...since fixed. Statt car and runs great. Drive it few miles turn off and then start it and when u hit gas it bogs. U have to play with peddle to get gas to work but runs crappy. Also does this car need thermostait or will it run cool enough without it? Itnhas the 3.3l
it wont pass smog until they rest
is a loud noise at the top of the head and the car was over heated once because of the thermostat
I have a 96 chrysler concorde with the 3.3L V6 engine. With my foot on the brake when I shift into reverse it makes a clunking noise. When I go from reverse to drive it makes a clunking noise and I can't figure out what it is??? I have replaced the motor mounts, trans mount, inner and outter tie rod ends, CV axles, struts, all 4 sub frame bushings, steering rack, end links and sway bar bushings. Any help would be appreciated the car runs great other then that and only has 75,000 miles on it.
we thought at first was my motor mounts but its not its actually some kind of bushings, you can see the piece go n jump as wheel is turned n u rev engine in fact the rubber fell out of wat ever piece is needing to be replaced.
Hi, recently my daughter went for an alignment and was told she would have to replace both inner tie rods and hub bearings with an estimate of 750.00 we want to try to do it ourselves, but I saw some information about just changing the bushings and wondered do the whole tie rod need replacing or can the bushing solve the problem with movement next to the steering box? If we need to replace the whole inner tie rod do you have step by step instructions or where can i view them.
ok, drove the car one day and anti-freeze went everwhere but car didnt over-heat. next day drove it around tryin to find the hole in the hose but nothing would drove great, no it home, got back in an hour later, car wont start..turns over but thats it. good battery, changed the cam and crank, changed the pcm, and the coil? but founght out today i need to flash the any ideas besides what i mentiond?
What do I look for? the speed senser, the throttle control, the switches on the steering wheel?
the indicator light comes on when the on button is pushed, but no control. which is most likley to fail the speed senser or the throttle control?
It started coming on just turning corners, when my leg would put pressure on the door. Now, it constantly turns on and off, making the locks go crazy and the interior lights come on. If i push on the door from the outside, the lights go off. Is this a latch problem, electrical problem, or should I just replace the door? How much will this cost (aka is it worth it?)
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