1995 Chrysler Concorde Questions

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Transmission not good
I replaced the coil pack got spark. Car started ran until I took foot off gas. Now no spark again. Check fuel, not a problem. It ran for about haf an hour at first shut it off ran for about a minute stalled and the above problems occured
After 30 minutes of driving I shut it off and restart it ABS light goes off and everything works fine. What is the problem with it?
is there something specific I should be looking for and what would be the most common problem with oxygen feedback?? Please help
I Clear it then drive about 10-30 miles and check engine light comes on Rescan an same code 21
It will start on 2nd try, but seems to be running on 3 cylinders. Once it's shut off, it won't start again, even after an hour of trying (with batt charger). Tried heating engine compartment, no effect on start issue. Later on, after it warms up outside, I know it will crank right up. This is the third time it's done this, and all 3 times it did the same thing. Only 60,000mi on vehicle. Dealership is waiting on parts for fuel rail recall and fuel pump recall.
I bought this car about a month ago it worked just fine tell a week ago when it started to snow and wouldnt start. I thought it was a frozen fuel line so I addeed some heet to the gas but didnt work so I changed the fuel punp and filter and still the same will crank but not start every now and then itll start but not stay on long. so I changed the crank position sensor and the throdle body sensor and still the same what is the problem?
we checked the fuel pump n filter both fine checked the spark plugs they were fried replaced them replaced wired the guys at the auto store said 3 options either the crak shaft,cole pack or the cam shaft whitch one would most likely be the problem also got a new battery...Please ca someone help?
the noise is under the hood on the passanger side fire wall i think it is a sollinoid valve. what is this part called and what does it do
what could be the problem
need to know what is the best way to go about fixing this & how much it might cost?
i think i flooded the engine know it making a clicking sound. i turned the key while pressig that on the accelerator and that's when the clicking started. What could the problem be?
I just bought my 95 Chrysler Concorde not too long ago.. The car had been sitting for some time before I got it. After I put gas in it for the first time, it started to "jump" going down the road. Then it got to where it wouldn't start until I popped the hood. The other day it stalled on me when the temp outside was 83 (the first really warm day since I got it) and has been running fine this morning. I'm really confused as to what could be wrong with the car.. I've replaced the spark plugs, wires, and ignition coil. It's still "jumping".. What could possibly be wrong? Someone told me it could be the fuel pump or the fuel filter.. Please help, I'm desperate..
My actual pressure cap on coolant overflow reservoir is 17 psi. I went to pep boys and advanced auto parts, there computer shows 16 psi cap as a replacement cap.What difference 16 psi and 17 psi cap make. Please let me know. thanks.
At what mileage does the timing chain needs replacement in Concorde 1995?
i have a head scratcher......for a few weeks or so my power windows and fan/heater/a/ off and on untill now....nothing!!!!....i have disconnected the battery for 24 hrs....still nothing......checked fuses.. not it....ripped door panels and dash apart looking for a short or loose ground wire....checked all harnesses at their connections for loose or corroded wires .....still nothing???? oh yeah this is all after its been in the shop for a few days and they can't find the problem....i got this car from mother in law who put a ton of dough in this lemon already.....i'v read many reviews stating this and i agree .....has anyone had this problem before and have fixed sure hoping so cause it wopuld be a shame to scrap a very well maintained vehicle for this ...but windows wont go down and no fan makes this car undrivable......any help would be most appreciated
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