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I was driving it to the store and after I came out the store went to start the car and it wouldn't it turn over tried to jump it was told that thebattery is bad went and got a new battery I have headlights radio dash lights but the car wont turn on there's no noise no nothing I turn the key and nothing power stays on radio stays on light stay on but the car won't turn on any help
Didn't hear anything...and this is the first time it's happened
I was driving and my car would die then kick back on. One day I tried to back out of a parking spot and it died then wouldn't start. It wants to start but won't get the motor going. I replaced the battery and it wants to start but won't still.
When I apply my brakes the mouse stops
The car runs and sounds fine when first started. After a few minutes, it starts having a whistling type noise and a scrubbing king od noise that sounds like metal on metal. I had several people tell me it sounds like brakes but it makes the noise when brakes are not being applied. The repair shop says brakes are fine. Passenger side rear wheel is very hot after driving for a short distance and there is a burning smell.
Also had no spark replaced crank sensor tryed to start once with either now no spark either
I have replaced the front rotors 2 times and the calipers, and pads. At about 40mph, I am getting brake vibration like the rotors are bad. It is on both front wheels What could be causing this? What should I replace next?
replaced the hvac control module because the resistance check found resistance did not change when control module shifted to any position. replacement module has correct resistance, but no change.
Seems to run good at other speeds. It is much better but am afraid if I don't get this misfire fixed it will stop up another catalytic converter. Any help or ideas will be appreciated!!
I have a 2000 Chrysler Cirrus, at first when it wouldn't start I replaced the fuel pump and it started. 2 weeks later same problem. Replaced it and it started. I'm on my 4th fuel pump and new filter. This time she wouldn't start. A hose was replaced & she started multiple times. Drove to the store, returned home prepared to leave out again she turned over and cut back off. Now she won't start. It's like it's not getting gas.
Ran self-diagnosis and gauges appear to be working correctly.
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