1996 Chrysler Cirrus Questions

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To get the car inspected the mileage must be known. Light is not working to be able to get an accurate reading. How do you fix it so it can pass inspection.
the check engine light doesn't come on at all. I'm told for this model it comes attached to a cluster which I found at dealership but can I install this myself? is it just that simple to remove dash and replace?
It's not running well and needs to be repaired..
New plugs, spark wires, distributor, fuel pump fuel filter, crank shaft sensor, still getting no spark, will turn over but won't start
I locked doors but when i got out i manually unlocked drivers door.. then i open door and the alarm went crazy!!tried everything disconnect battery,PCM,horn flasher,Help bought the car for my son graduation!! only has 49000 miles on it
cousin says the bushings are worn on the driveline but I cant find any info on it, and I am buying the car. he says that it grinds/roars when its dry, sounds like its from the drive line, but it doesn't do it when its raining. what could cause the grinding? thanks
the check engine light is not on.
my car will stall wheni slow down and now it has trouble starting, it might go from point a to point b and then not start. the drive fine and be okay , then start stalling all over again. had lots of work done. can't seeme to track down the main problem.
have replaced map,iac,egr,tps,coil pack,fuel pump, pcm and catalytic convertor ,up and downstream o2 sensors
Daily Starting up is rough idling. Cuts off at stop signs, traffic lights and shakes if it doesnt. whats could be wrong with it? had the water pump changed and the ignition coil replaced. Also the spark plugs and wires.
Cost of the prower streering pump and cost of changing it
whats wrong with steering when turning to the left, no leaks the steering is hard when turning left.
no problem turning right
I think my a/c fan switch is going bad, because my fan will only work when it is set to the highest speed. The air will still be heated or cooled, but the speed is all or nothing.
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