1995 Chrysler Cirrus Questions

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It starts then after a second or two it cutts out.
Car died once when I turned on cruise but restarted and drove fine (don't know if problem related) Car set up for about 6 months now it won't crank. Its getting fuel, it's turning over but will not fire . help please. Everyone says crankshaft sensor but its getting fuel???
noise isn't at starter
Auto shutoff....can anti lock brakessystem do this?
Car drove fine all morning. Suddenly started this on fourth start of day. No check engine light. Did it again when husband started and drove down street.
My husband got up and started the car and he went out to leave and it stalled and now it only cranks over but don't have any spark . we changed the Crank cencer checked for cracks in the ditibertor .
where is the coil pack
My husband went out started it and it stalled and now it won't start at all we changed the crank censer and we still don't have a spark .it's the only car we have for work help
not seem to be broke any clue whats wrong?
can a home mech. remove and replace?
It will start back up as long as you turn the ignition all the off. It will either run irraticly or fine.
I had posted before, and said oil instead of gas. distributer had to be replace, then cylinders full of oil, it was drained, valves,tune up, then real bad hesitation. Flashed computr twice, and then engine tach would bounce around, small engine vibration but only acted up after reaching full temputure, and at complete top. It's intermintune, but gas mileage has gone down to 10-11 mpg. Ideas?
head casket and distributor replaced. Oil in cylinders. Also the tach will go up and down, but only when at full operating temperate and complete stop. Oil mileage is about 10 mpg. Help! tHANK YOU
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