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The same code p0305 cylinder #5 misfire keeps coming on in my 2009 chrysler aspen . I've made all the repairs. Ive spent $1000 now and still cant figure out the problem. I've even taken it to the dealership!! I'm so frustrated! Please help!
I've replaced
Intake manifold
Runner valve
All wiring
Spark plugs
The cylinder 5 plug
Oil change
Cleaned fuel injection
When I drive my truck the brakes will lock & the car will cut off until hours later -my husband hand everything done from timing belt, tire rods, everything new on the brakes -Pleas help me -I call road side assistance 5 times this mo. Matter fact yesterday make 6 towings
I have a 2008 Chrysler Aspen 5.7. The air conditioning blows up full power and one day just stopped blowing cool air. We had a guy come out and put freon in and we heard the hissing sound that it was leaking out. How do I know that it's just a patch job or something more serious? We live in Miami and my husband drives for a living and is borderline heat stroke. How do I know if it's something easy or very expensive?
worked fine yesterday, turned on the air conditioner and it was blowing warm air, low 4x4 and abs and traction control lights all came on, air started blowing warm air...
We changed the oil in my Aspen today and now it's losing power when I drive it. It was fine before the oil was changed.
I feel that there must be an ambient light sensor as the EVIC and temperature control cannot be seen during normal daylight.
where is the fuse or relay located
no heat out of rear controls either nor from the front controls. Please help with solution
At 55 mph or above tranny will downshift hard without warning,almost throwing me into wheel. It also will not always downshift when stopping.I can tell it is in a higher gear when pulling out. Problem is random, runs fine most of the time.
When I try to roll down the windows it will not roll down. The sunroof will not work either.
Raer heat will not blow warm air
When we had oil changed in Dec. was told serpentine belt was due for replacement. Could this be he problem?
Radio will only come on if its cold out and once it warms up it shuts off. The remote starter starts the vehicle for a few seconds and then shuts off. any suggestions?
I wanted the estimated cost of repair.
For ten or fifteen minutes. Alternator charge bounces down to 12 volts for split second
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