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but i cannot find any blown fuses. any ideas

when I click the button, it starts to go up, but then comes crashing down... what part do I need to fix this?

vehicle sliding came on now not all the time maybe 3 times in last month then the other day as I was driving my vehicle turned off with no warning

Key is programmed and car starts and drives but key fobs will not open doors, lock and unlock, panic button, or open liftgate.

The car stalls out when sitting at a red light.

It acts like it does not want to take gas or jerks at little around 50mph. The auto start works sometimes and sometimes it does not. For the first time it turned off, while I was making a right turn. Could all of these problems be related? About 98,000 miles on truck. Check engine light off and on it never stays on. Engine check says EGR valve?

After overheating when diagnosing the cracked radiator car would not start back up. After replacing radiator &battery (due to sitting in extreme cold weather), car still wont star although it sounds like it want to.

when starting no lights are on. when i get to about 80 kph the front brakes come on / traction control its quite the ride. then the chime comes on then the traction control light esp and bas? light come on i was told its a clockspring issue what else could it be ? a 25 cent fuse??

ihave a 2007 aspen 5.7
my truck has the awd so i took off the front axle so that only the rear wheels would only work(save gas)ithought, while it was in 2wheel drive i had to leave it in awdlock otherwise it wouldnt move at all
now i put it back on and as i backed it up 15 feet max i realized it was still in awdlock and right there and the in turn the knob to awd as it was in reverse and it made a weird cranking noice and it just stayed in neutral ..
i put it in park but it was as it was still in neutral, itried to turn the knob but it kept making noise when i placed it in park it make a horrible it the transfer case the transmission ?

What should be cost to replace mds #6 solenoid on 2007 chrysler aspen 2 wheel drive 5.7L diagnose at dealer has been done

and what do these code means c1707c and c171e. because it is causing the front brakes to lock up after about 15 mins of driving.

When starting our Aspen in the morning after setting overnight, the vehicle cranks for an abnormal amount of time and sometimes starts. Sometimes it keeps cranking and won't start. We turn the key off and on second try the vehicle usually starts after just a few cranks. This has been going on for over 8 months or so. The check engine light came on delivering a code pertaining to vacuum leak, gas cap loose etc. P0440.

check engine light came on and read code p0196. trying to find proper way to solve problem.

the wipers do not work right most of the time. no matter if just using washer or in a storm. I'm afraid they will quit in na bad storm. If I jiggle the turn signal switch they start working for awhile.

Does any one else have this problem?