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Even pulling up to a stop sign. Took it back to the garage were we got in and they called and said they have no idea what it is other than possible fuel pump. I said if it was the guel pump why and how does it start? My experience with electronic fuel pumps is they work or they don't. Any ideas?
No power to the AC or heater control panel inside the vehicle
when it rains or I go thru carwash, the sunroof leaks and there is also water running down side pillars into car. Afterwards, there is a clicking noise under the hood like something is trying to connect or reset electrically. Sometimes, if it's real damp weather, the clicking will last for days.
Seems as if the car is trying to reset or something. Also start the car, in reverse feels like brakes are on , have to accelerate , put in forward, trying to turn left or right , going slow trys to lock up or like applying brakes. start going seems to let up. turn it off , wait awhile, the whole thing starts over.
When it rains water under the drivers side mat.
but i cannot find any blown fuses. any ideas
when I click the button, it starts to go up, but then comes crashing down... what part do I need to fix this?
vehicle sliding came on now not all the time maybe 3 times in last month then the other day as I was driving my vehicle turned off with no warning
Key is programmed and car starts and drives but key fobs will not open doors, lock and unlock, panic button, or open liftgate.
The car stalls out when sitting at a red light.
It acts like it does not want to take gas or jerks at little around 50mph. The auto start works sometimes and sometimes it does not. For the first time it turned off, while I was making a right turn. Could all of these problems be related? About 98,000 miles on truck. Check engine light off and on it never stays on. Engine check says EGR valve?
After overheating when diagnosing the cracked radiator car would not start back up. After replacing radiator &battery (due to sitting in extreme cold weather), car still wont star although it sounds like it want to.
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