2007 Chrysler Aspen Questions

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My aspen is stuck in gear doesnt want to go back to park and now cant turn it off to get my key out.
I was cleaning truck this morning and noticed condensation under the passenger floor mat. I have never seen this before. Any ideas what it could be?
We took a weekend trip out of town and I noticed that the passenger's floor board is hot to the touch. My wife says this has been going on for awhile. Any ideas on what it could be? Concerned on if there could be extensive damage being done under the truck.
This vehicle drive train is an automatic 4 wheel drive that the front wheel engage when the back wheels slip but you can lock it into 4 wheel high and low. My son's friend had our vehicle in 4 wheel drive while it was raining. He made a sharp right turn and broke the cv joint but now the vehicle won't drive at all unless it's in 4 wheel drive. You can take it out of 4 wheel drive but it won't move. We was told it could be transfer case. Could it be or is it possibly something else that's wrong. My son said when they pulled the broken cv joint out from under the vehicle that there is a wire that is connected to the hub assembly torn loose from under the vehicle.
Worked last year. Just quit
remains on after engine turn off for approx. 3-5 mins. does not turn off with dimmer switch in off position. All other interior lights operate normally including passenger reading light.
I do not believe this is a case of bad struts or I would be able to open the tailgate manually and hold it up. The closer tries to force the tailgate down the entire time.
Was driving it and it just turned off and there is no power and nothing works. It won't start back up and has no power the locks Windows blinkers even four ways won't work.
And lights on dash will light up, traction light will come on, and right window will not allow operating from drivers side.
noise to try even when the car is off. I get 2 lights that go on and off the 1st is SVC 4X4 and the other Low 4x4. Happens more at low speeds. Changed the transfer case fluid but it didn't help. Anyone had this happen? What was wrong?
code says no. six piston not firing,car pulls away from a dead stop and miss fires,[skips]on take off,this is a dodge hemi will run ok but if piston is not firing could it be a selonoid ? sp? switch or a bad problem inside the engine? code 3794 thanks
same qustion as asked above,left out code number in first post po174 system too lean bank 2
code reads system too lean bank 2,is this aswitch or fuel injection problem no. 6 cylinder?
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