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jump it but wont turn over
Their is a slow/small leak coming from under the alternator on the driver side of the car. It looks like their is a small piece of metal tubing coming out bent towards the wheel well and then goes towards the rear of the car. I checked the oil a week ago and it was tip top full, now it is half full. Any ideas? I can't see to well as I have not taken the alternator off. I'm thinking it may be a seal of some sort.
A friend unplugged 1 of the spark plugs to show how bad the car needed a tune-up and when another was unplugged the car shut off and wouldn't start again. Plugged everything back and tried giving it a jump but got nothing but silence even though the interior and dash lights were on.
I noticed yesterday my heater was blowing cool air instead of warm and noticed that when I would stop my temperature started getting up towards the half way mark and usually it barely goes above the C mark. I have also checked and the codes that came up were P0850 and P0700. Not sure which way to go about finding out what to do without having to take it to a shop because I don't really trust taking it to a shop without knowing what's going on with it
sizes of belts
and lite keeps coming on
after a month
what is the problem it says transaxle control system fault it is 2003 chrysler 300 m
approximaite cost to install four struts
Check engine light came on and car went into limp mode. Mechanic reset it and it did it again so he hooked it up to the computer and it said this is what needed replaced. He did this and when I got about 12 miles away from the shop it did it again. Now he says Chrysler said that the connectors needed changed.
blower fan stays on high when you turn it off
Where is this located? How long will it take to replace for a DIY repair? Is it a difficult for fairly simple task to complete for this vehicle? Thanks.

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I need to have my A/C condensor replaced and i ALREADY have the new condensor. My question is,"How much will it cost me to have a mechanic install it and charge it with freon?"
my oil light comes on when engine is at idle (700rpm)
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