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Can you show ke the actual timing chart how to align it
the right way
Tires ok, belts ok, tried to backup and something started grinding. Have only had my baby since Feb.
if I take car out and return home it's ok when I'm ready to go out again the car is completely dead I stopped for gas and turned car off when going to restart car completely dead jumped started car with no problem got home turned car off went to restart car completely dead this occurs on and off been to dealer they replaced starter still same problem it has been to dealer for several electrical problems they have replaced computer fixed wiring for alarm and lights going on when car is off can it possibly be a ignition problem
I have tried putting the inside lights on low but yet when the locks unlock and light flickers, it is very bright. This happens so much it is draining my battery.
From the right front wheel
My car is the special edition with a lowered suspension. However, it has the standard size 17" wheels as opposed to the performance 18" wheels. I cannot find the performance struts anywhere. Is it possible to just change it to the regular quick struts on this make and model?
jiggling the pedal doesn't turn them off anymore. Also, periodically the headlights and tail lights will blink on and off when car is parked in driveway with engine off.
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