2002 Chrysler 300M Questions

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fan for AC/heat will not shut off
2002 300m i had to pull engine to install new crankshaft and i noticed this isnt the original engine. It does have aluminum block and its a 3.5 but my plate that holds the rear main seal is a oring and my oil pump is oring gskets ..everything i look at has paper gasket in rear and a metal plate attached to rubber for the oil pump. How can i find out what my engine is. ...engine cast#is 4663806AB
the cable won't budge. Wanting to push/drive it home.
number of sensors on 2002 Chrysler 300M
One previous owner passed away, Sat in garage for two years prior to selling. Engine runs smooth. Only complaint after having it as a daily driver again vehicle is going through coolant and brake fluid quickly. Brake indicator light on, after seeing info on a master cylinder recall I'm curious if this would cause my brakes to feel "soft". I'm depressing the brake pedel much farther to stop the vehicle.
I have the easy seat turned off. The seat reclines back and the passenger side mirror moves to face the ground.
AC gets cold but fan noise remains.
Everything that can get in the way is motor and mufflers
I bought the car used recently. It worked great for the test drive, and bringing it home. I turned it on a couple of times watermarking it,and it worked relatively okay. Once I needed to move it, it just clicked, and wouldn't start. If anyone could let me know what went wrong, and how to repair it, I would really appreciate. Thanks!
I was told mayb sum kind of sensor?
the battery has went dead cause I can't get the key out
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