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Gas, RPM and the display panel above my rear view mirror, along with my heater fan and my headlight do not start in the automatic mode. I have lights in my gage panel. I checked the fuses, nothing wrong there. I have a 2001Chrysler 300M
While night driving sometimes the interior lights blink off and on, this has come and gone for more then 10 years and does it random and seldom. Outside lights blinking while engine if off is a new thing along with now when I start the car sometimes the radio and air and window, locks does not work. I shut off the car and restart it and it works. The battery is a Super Start extreme O Reilly which is 6 years old and we are replacing it now. Because of the blinking lights the car dies during the night unless we set it on '0'
I'm replacing a motor in a 01 300 w 3.5 liter engine. I was looking at compatible replacement
Help please !!
I started smelling gas when I would take off from a light. I looked for leaks but found nothing. I just pulled up to a light and heard something pop then black smoke start pouring out from around the master cylinder area. Haven't been able to find out anything on what could have been the cause. If anybody knows anything about it or has the same problem please let me know!!!
There is a warranty on the transmission. But my shift lever is screwed up. When I picked up the car. I drove home shut off the car than tried to start it 10 min. later. There was no power. As if there were battery trouble. There was not. I put the car in neutral and it fired. If the train. was not lined up right wouldn't this screw up the shift/Neutral switch?
went with a used one with 39,000 on it. The same day I picked up the car a new issue came up. The car would not even try to start unless I put it in neutral. Than it started right up.
My issue is this. Having to put the car in neutral points to the neutral switch. If they did not line up the tranni. correctly would this screw up the way the shift works?
antifreeze being pushed into the resevoir just had some oil hoses replaced would this have anything to do with it
When i shut my engine off i had to get a jump.I had to turn off my radio and when I tried to turn on my lights my car shut down while driving.
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