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My car hasn't moved since March

I did notice after replacing part that on olden the was slight scratches on the end of sensor. But car runs great. Just can step on it and idles rough. Before I go replacing wires and harnesses I thought I would get some advice. I have notice that I have been getting slight light flickers and a small power loss when turning on lights and other items. Advice please.

cant get defroster to work, heat only blows from vents no matter what I select.

My daughter was driving my vehicle and stopped at a gas station and car would not start, tried to jump with another vehicle but would not start just ticked ,ticked let it sit on charge for a while lights inside came on but still would not start ,called AAA they came out hooked up there charger it started right up, drove the car home no problem parked in the driveway cut it off and it would not start dead is that the battery or alternator or what could it be?this has never happen before . there has been no sign of a struggle for starting or dragging starter or any sign of anything related to starting

My coolant is dripping out of an area around the front of the engine near the oil pan. I can't find any hoses leaking. Everytime I fill it up it just pours out from somewhere onto the metal piece in front bottom of the engine which blocks your view from seeing anything.

I have a 2000 Chrysler 300m that ran absolute fine. then suddenly ran low rpms and died while sitting at a drivethrew. Now it won't start... Code said cylinders 5 and 6 multiple misfire. I changed spark plugs, didn't do anything. Tried starter fluid and it starts, then promptly dies. so I changed the fuel pump, didn't help. It has spark. And timing is still good. I don't know what els to look in to... Any ideas?

Thank you for your time.

it spits and splitters for a few minutes then runs good till next time

Engine lite on, car runs good under power. Eratic rough Idel some times at stop lite . been awhile since last tune up. Thaxs

Engine lite on, car runs good under power. Eratic rough Idel some times at stop lite been awhile since last tune up. Thaxs

my check engine light is on. When I start my car the engine revs very loud and the speedometer goes to 60-70 mph without touching the gas pedal at all. If I take it out of park and put it in drive or reverse it makes a loud clunk noise but the speedometer goes back down and the engine quits revving. However if I put it back in park it starts doing it again. If I reset my battery the car starts up fine, but only 2-3 times before I have to reset the battery again for it to start properly. I have no clue what the problem is ....

A/C clutch was not engaging so my husband checked the fuses for a possible solution. After that, the ck engine light came on, and trans wasn't shifting right (a/c still not working). I checked for codes and found 0645 & 1698. Tonight he added 24oz coolant, so a/c seems ok - but could fail again tomorrow, especially if there is a leak in a line. But trans still a problem. Also neither error code has gone away.

no numeric temp numbers will display...cannot turn fan off...the fan knob doesnt do anything