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I can’t find the problem, my car sometimes start and after a few minutes it shuts off and won’t start again it doesn’t crank at all like a dead battery, I already bought a new battery a new alternator a new camshaft Señor, it’s driving me crazy please somebody know what can be the problem?
99chrysler 300m dragging front brakes. Pads calipers rotors new. When car is cold brakes are fine. After driving a few miles the front brakes start to drag. Car still driveable but under stress. Also if parked in hot parking lot brakes drag right away. No open recalls on master cylinder.
over heats when engine gets hot
It only happens when the ac is on.
Tried to jumpstart car...when the cables were connected the alarm came on for about 15 minutes. Lights and radio came on, but it wasn't getting any fire. What could be the problem?
Every so often when I go to turn the ignition over, I hear a chattering noise, nor does it not crank up sometimes
My car will not shift out into high gear. Im stuck in second and check engine light is on. Also the speedometer does not work. Plenty of fluid in transmission.When i shift into drive- its an automatic- it goes into gear hard.
Where is the access port to hook up fuel pressure tester
shift into any gears at all, whats the problem?
I was told it was something under the dash by my aunt (the original owner). I'm thinking it is either a fuse or fan blower motor/resistor. Where is this located and is it necessary to remove the entire dash?
Hi I have a 1999 Chrysler 300m and it was overheating when I checked it was the thermostat then I went to get the parts my wife tried to go to the store she made it there but on the way back it cut off on her I changed the thermostat and now it just crank but no start
The reason I replaced them is because periodocally the car would die while driving... all my research indicated the care needed the cam/crankshaft sensors. After replacing them, the car tuns over but wont run... whats the issue now
My car has been acting up something fierce lately. When I have been starting it, it takes me a few times of turning the key to actually get it started. The first 1-5 times I do try to start it, it will just click once. We've done some banging and moving around and the car will honk and the lights will turn back on after the car has been completely dead. Nothing, not even the locks will work now. Everything has to be unlocked manually. None of the electrical will work. I just had the battery "fixed" or "worked on" as well. Not sure what he did to it, but it's back to doing the same thing it did before. Another thing, is when it is connected to another car battery or an outside battery by jumper cables, it will honk, and when I go to start it, it won't start, it will just repeatedly click over and over again. If anyone has had this issue before, please get back to me on what you think it may be. I've dealt with this issue for months and no one can seem to find out why it's doing this. Thank you.
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