2012 Chrysler 300 Questions

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Problem just started it says key not detected then it will start but won't turn off when I press the button
After trying to start car it middle display went white, windshield wipers came on, car seemed to be in the run postion, but would crank and couldn't get it to turn off.
recently the local dealer charged my elderly parents 110.00 for a power steering flush--it is only 5 years old and hardly used--I say they were scammed--my brother in law says not--what is your take on it?
The diagnosis complained about TCM
Does a suspension front sub frame from a 2007 chrysler 300 LT ,fit into a 2012 chrysler 300 LT?
I don't know how far down to put the screwdriver
I don't want to put screwdriver down too far to break key fob when changing battery
it been making small noise since I bought it but gotten louder and harder to turn.
Everything on the screen and radio is not working. Someone said body control module maybe? They said it's not a fuse!
This just happened. Some a/c is coming out of a vent that faces the door but not much.
The manager threatened me when I said I was going to take my car elsewhere to get the repairs done due to miscommunication and unprofessional employees
Radio is receiving, CD player is running, Bluetooth not coming thru audio. 25amp fuse in rear fuse block tests good. Just no audio heard.
It's sounds to me like maybe the actuater door sticking?? I no I spelled it wrong. actuator lol
Full of freon new lines blows cold then I hear a click and it goes hot
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