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Seems all kinds of people have this same problem. Please help. It has to be a easy fix.
3.5 L. AWD Touring. A howling noise in front end, noticeable at lower speed. Right front wheel doesn't free wheel well in neutral on lift. Seems to drive well. Some cupping noted on tires on last rotation approx. 300 miles ago
Come with car fax but doesn't say if the problem was it expensive to replace should I get the car..that is the only problem
In between changing the spark plugs and today I drove long distance over the holiday. On the way to work ETC light came on, got to work, turned car off and back on, no warning light, drove it for lunch less than 1/2mile, no light, drove it home within 5minutes of driving the warning light is back on stayed on all the way home, hour drive, no highway. Sounds rough, still drives ok. Please help!! Any suggestions!!
rear brake light
#1 cylinder rotted , burned 2 quarts of oil in 2 months , posted earlier today.
oil from last oil change 2 months ago , car just over 45000 , said power train warreny will cover replacing engine , could trans possibly be affected also , oil was sent through and out exhaust system ?
No codes are show in model
Please email me your opinion.. I'm really nervous & praying I'm just overreacting
replaced the pump in 2012 and hoses. Every winter the pressure hose pops off.
the car will not get warm
Try to start and it just spins
my engine light came on and had check engine. I took to the shop and they fixed the coolant thermostat.As they were working on my car, they noticed a hairline crack in the motor.They did not fix it, they just told me they would monitor it from time to time.
Rat chewed off my coil plug wire to number 4 cylinder and I believe right across number 4 injector fuel rail harness connector rewired with automotive wired replaced plugs no longer misfire picks up fine and idles rough still checked engine light reads open circuit in all my injectors I know the wires are not the best enclosed but I still have them rewired where he chewed off could I have a bad pcm or just need to replace connectors for both coil and injector harness cause he chewed them down to the wire so I had to remove terminal to make it hold another wire.
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