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It is not running but it beeps every so often. I had the battery replaced a bit ago, does it have something to do with that?
Check engine light came on mile road Haven't repaired it yet. I have noticed some hesitation and light bucking at very low speeds.
My heat and cold hand want move it stays down on cold and if I cut it off to try to restart it my car
Want start
When turn the switch to start, I let go and it continue to try and start and I'm not touching it. Also when driving it will looses pressure even when you press the gas pedal to the floor. After letting up off the gas the car gradually picks up speed. At times when it looses pressure and you let up off the gas pedal the car will shuddered.
First time after being parked for several days.
I repeat myself:
From the driver's side door the front windows can't be operated. The right front door can be op from the switch in that door.
I have already exchanged the switch unit in the left front door, but the problem remains.
Can you give me some advice, please?
Kind regards,
Kjell Samuelson
My car won't start all of a sudden it click BT don't crank it crank earlier that day BT when I went to crank it later it wouldn't crank.
when I turn the blower up high I get a little heat, in high heat mode
Vehicle will run hot without provocation and it does it intermittenly, the vehicle will for 10-12 minutes and the temperature gauge will remain on Cold (C), the heater doesn't blow warm air at all when this is occurring or when the vehicle starts to heat....The most common answer would be the thermostat is stuck...I had the thermostat replaced on the first occurrence about a month after purchase...What is wrong with this vehicle???
After they replaced the module they advised the could not reprogram my old FOBs with the new Win module. They said the old FOBs were not compatible with new module? Would you not think the new module would be backward compatible with the old FOBs? Important as the new FOBs they insisted I needed cost $163 per. Thanks, Joe
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