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My car won't click over but my light radio window work and my car key alarm only work when key is in ignition could this code be the reason my car won't start
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? A week or two
I have a money pit of a car that I can't fix.i have change the rotors the calibers all the bushing tie rods, steering rods, a-arms upper and lower.i have change all the parts on the front and it still rattle and stops rough I have had this problem since I have owed this car I just don't know what to do any more I can say this I won't ever owne another one again.
etc light and traction light started coming on after tune up when lights come on it becomes rough idle or will die. I have not been able to get it into a dealer to get any codes.
I just changed the spark plugs, TIMING BELT, i did a transmission flush but when i come to a stop it. Stll shakes sometimes.

i have 2007 chrysler c300 hemi,the repair man fix the output wire of the genarator on engine body,my car is starting but on odometr i have no bus code and all the alarm light is on,also my gearbox is not working corectly and when i put it on d position car moving very slow.and i dont have light,mirror,wiper,horn,font window, radio is not turning on,wheel is not locking when i drow my key out, and when im driving i dont have any thing in odometr. i chek my main computer and key and wcm with same car and its ok. i chek all engine wiring,all sensor is ok. my fuse box and bcm is working too and i check other fuse box and bcm also on my car.i check evry where in my car but i couldn find anything.i love my car please helpe me to drive it again.
i cant speak english very well please explain to me easy. thanks alot
masoud pishgoo
gheshm island, iran
This problem has been happening on and off for about a year.
Keeps flashing
how do I take the front rotors off?
Put oil in at home went to store and back wake up this morning see leak oil bearly on tip of stick what would cause this.
No problem all summer. With the heater on, lights work after about 15 minutes
Top radiator hose is hot,the bottom hose is warm and hoses going to the heater core are cold
Work fine yesterday.
My car ran hot one time oil in it know my engine knocking loose pressure run hot when I try to drive it
Was driving my car a short distance and noticed a humming noise coming under the hood...Had my air on so turned that off thinking maybe something was wrong is performing fine, not overheating, just this noticeable humming noise....sat with car in park and revved the engine, and the noise revved up also...have any ideas what might be wrong? thank u
The sunroof wont close... There is only one button that works on the panel... You can push the button and it clicks. But the roof will no close... Us it the motor.. Or is it off track.. And what is this going to cost to fix..this is the first time I'd had this happen.. And the second time I'd opened my Sun roof
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