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This happens when idling at a stoplight, traffic jam, etc.
Went got gas car didn't start AAA guy told us it was the fuel pump we changed the fuel pump and the fuel pump relay still will not start what else can we try
my head lights and dash lights have been flickering for about 2 years. it was a slight flicker. I recently replaced the battery and now the flicker is brighter and really noticeable for someone not looking for it.
when I drive my car after about 10 minutes when I press the break a lighting bolt warning light shows up on the dash and the car shuts off
Light bolt of lighten show on the dash car stop accelerate. Car down for two weeks now. Happen while in traffic first time this problem occured
Need an electronic thottle contol occurred at day without notice light just came on! Bolt of lighten sign
The car will try to start but will not turn over the only code that appears is P2008, while the check engine light blinks 10 times and then stays on. I replaced the throttle body recently and replaced gaskets thinking could be a vaccum leak. I have cleared the fuel line. Checked fuel pumps. Still not turning over, any ideas or help would be appreciated
how do I program two new keys with only one working key
there is oil on engine cover right side that wasnt there before--im wondering if EGR is possible cause if both bucking and oil on engine cover as well as check engine light, Do all autoparts places have same machine to check engine codes? oreillys and autozone are here. Thank you for you help!
Need to replace my coolent sensor. Just need to know where it's located.
Motor light went out. Filled up gaswent 4blocks car died, would not start and still won't cranks but no turnover car is a 300 limited 3.5L engine
Noise sounds like something is loose and rattles. It only makes noise when moving.
My egr sensor came on three weeks ago
The car will click at a stop light and it will run really rough but I turn it off and on and it will run fine ???
My car overheated I replaced everything but it still over heats. Why got no oil in water or water in oil..when you take off car is real sluggish..why?HELP...
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