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I command started my car one morning but then it shut off and said error with system default. I then started it manually and it had the engine light on but I just assumed something small as the car is still newer. I then started driving and the throttle light Came on and I almost got into an accident cause I couldn’t get up to the speed limit. Now it’s on and off every few days could it be something major or something small like a wire loose?

How long have you had this problem? Just started, only had the car a month from drive time car dealership
the car was in an accident and the airbags did its job. but now I need to replace the dashboard and airbag
When I start it in the morning it spits and sputters and the traction control light and a red light comes on when i shut it off and start it again it runs fine
Why did my power steering just stop working I have no leaks and the pump is not noisy. I do have fluid in the reservoir and the belt is no broken.
my air vents under my front seats are closed how do I open them there is no air conditioning going to the back it is uncomfortable for back seat riders thanks
Took it to auto zone for testing and found out that the car EVAP.
sometime when the car is not occupied just sitting. Every time when you turn on the heater or AC. It sounds like someone is turning on a gas stove. it last like 30 seconds.
Turn over but the lights came on. Remote works on doors .
I have had issues with static for a while. Before the radio would be only static after I opened and closed the trunk but the signal would return after a few minutes. Currently the radio is only static. The SAT works but zero radio stations. What is wrong and how do I fix this?
My car engine completely shuts down with no warning and restarts after maybe my husband disconnected the battery and it restarted...the engine shutdown while we were driving in the fast lane and we had to coast to the side of the expressway. I am afraid to drive the car.
It beeps when the lights come on and it happens all the time!
Stops after about 20 seconds or so. Can I disconnect the 2 wires under the dashboard like in the Seabring? Just bought the 2 weeks ago. Should not have problem at 360000. Not happy at all.
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