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i changed my battery andim still having the same issue. its only when the temperatures drops that this is happening. as soon as it gets warmer the car starts. I need help please!!
My 2011 Chrysler 200 was in a pretty bad front end accident about 2yrs ago. Shortly after vehicle was fixed I noticed every once in a while the ETC light would come on and then go off as I was driving. Took it to Chrysler dealership and they said couldn’t find anything wrong. I continued to drive vehicle with the ETC light continuing to go on and off sporadically for about 1.5yrs because I thought it was nothing to worry about if Chrysler couldn’t find anything wrong. The other day I was driving on freeway and the ETC light came on and the vehicle lost pedal response, could only go like 30km/h, and made a lot of noise like it was going to die/stall. Took it back to same dealership they said needs a throttle body. Insurance won’t cover repair because their experts said throttle body won’t break over time. It breaks immediately. Can throttle body break over time from front collision when ETC light goes on/off for 1.5yrs while driving? Need evidence to prove them wrong to get fix covered.
Hasn't come on in a while. I panicked 8500 miles ago and changed it before it told me to. Now I'm having the same issue.
Also... the gas cap warning isn't working either. All it tells me is whether or not the doors are open.
Rear driver side - 2011 Chrysler 200 4-Door Sedan
The fan on AC worked great at first but last couple of years, it doesn't blow as strong. AC does cool though.
from passenger side
When pulling off or slowing down I hear a clunking noise
It restarted right away but only drive a few more feet. I let it sit about 15 minutes and was then able to drive it home. The traction light also turned on by itself. I'm trying to find an estimate of weekday it's going to cost to get it fixed. I have only had the car a week and a half.
The top will go into place but the truck lid gets stuck in open position. Malfunction light comes on
I will be driving along and go to push the accelerator and the car does nothing but slow down, then after a few time of hitting it, it jerks forward and goes for a second. But once I let off it does the same the. It is scary when this happens on a busy road.
If slowdown to below 60 MPH all this stops & the car runs normally.
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