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Q: chocking and jerking to the piont that it' unrideble on 1995 Subaru Legacy Outback

1995 subaru legacy L wagon with over 200k miles on it.
I needed to replace oil pump for quit some time because it was leaking but i just will add oil and run the car more,.
But recently one morning i barely could start and as i tried to push pedal for more gas it started chocking instead of accelerating. Like would be running on empty gas tank. I tried that later in the day it started normally but when it warmed up i released the clutch car had trouble keeping enough RPM's to get car running. On second gear car even had more trouble running and shifting up become impossible chocking, jerking and died couple of times on me while i was riding. It actually never happened before for this car. Fuel system, wiring, and oil pump what could really cause that to happen?
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Its the front oil seal and not the pump that probably needs to be replaced (It's actually the front crankshaft seal), Pushing the accelerator pedal down on starting gives it more air not gas, leans the mixture. I would look at the ignition system first, plugs plug wires, maybe check compression make sure the problem is not mechanical. Then I would look at fuel pressure and delivery.
Next "listen" to the fuel injector. Using a mechanic's stethoscope (or use a long screw driver placing the handle end up to your ear place the metal tip end of the screwdriver against the body of the fuel injector), get a friend to crank over the engine while you "listen" to the fuel injector listen to each injector at the same point of the injector body. You should hear click, click, click as the injector is electrically opened and closed by the computer, if the injector is not being triggered you will not have fuel getting into the engines cylinders.
Each injector should sound the same if you listen to the same place on each injector.

Spark plugs and wiring brand new 2 month max and I didn;t had any problems with it. But i also had suspisions about fuel injection system.
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