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Q: Chevy s10 dies out when at running temp on 1993 Chevrolet S10 Blazer

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I bought a 93 chevy s10 blazer in the fall and it ran alright after i changed the plugs on it untill winter hit. now when the engine gets up to running temp. it just wants to die. The only way to keep it going is to pretty much floor it but oncve u let off it stalls out. i already changed the fuel filter and made sure the cap was tightned down. I really don't know what else to check?
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I believe there is an Idle Air Control Valve at back of throttle body that adjusts as per load condition on engine. That is suspect. Can remove and sometimes clean to free up movement on the pintle, gets sooty. Inspect for vacuum leaks also.
Are you getting either rich or lean engine diagnostic trouble codes?

If lean, check for vacuum leaks at the upper intake manifold gasket on a VIN "W" engine. The upper half of the manifold is easier to remove than it looks. If you can read ECM data using something like TunerPro RT, the IAC pintle position should be near 41 counts. If it is at or near zero, you have a vacuum leak. You could also remove the IAC motor from the upper manifold and look at the pintle tip. If it is burnished with a bright shiny ring from riding the seat, you probably have a leak.

If rich, look inside the upper intake for signs of fuel leakage. The manifold should have a medium brown colored coating of engine oil overall. Look to the left of the injector assembly. If the fuel pressure regulator is leaking, that side will be washed clean. Also, look at the rear of the manifold where the fuel lines enter. This is called the "Nut Kit". The rigid plastic lines tend to crack around the metal fittings and this area will be washed clean of oil in case of a fuel leak. There will also be gasoline puddled in the manifold near any fuel leak.

I also have a 93 Blazer S10 with a 4.3 Vortec it does has all the same symptoms it starts up gets warm and it dies and wont start again I replace the fuel pump and filter with a fuel pressure regulator everything I mean $700 in parts anybody have any suggestions because I'm about ready to shoot it
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