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Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD (7 Reviews)
Just over 50,000 miles the radiator went bad and started leaking fluid, even with an extended warranty it wasn't covered and I had to pay. at 80,000 miles the front differential went out and left the truck stranded with parts all over the road. It's always been on the highway and never in four wheel mode. The extended warranty covered the repairs, complete front differential replacement. Now at 103,000 miles the front differential is leaking oil out all seals and the Chevy dealer says that it is completely worn out and needs to be replaced and will not be warrantied. Once again, never put into 4 wheel drive. I guess to keep this truck I need to buy a new front diff. every other oil change.
2013 Duramax 3500 work truck. Bought by public utility company. Truck had "low coolant" "washer fluid low" on since new. At 25,000 miles truck died on side of road. "reducing engine power" message. Truck has been at stealership for 6 weeks now! "It will be ready tomorrow" for weeks. Bullshit. I would never buy one of these. Dealership is Chevy dealer in Silverthorne Colorado.
bad rear brakes poor shifting in tow haul
Bought brand new Silverado 3500 dualie and since new we've had white smoke is coming out from under the hood on passenger side near the windshield when stopping at traffic lights/stop signs. Looks like there's a factory defect with the diesel exhaust fluid leaking and dripping onto the manifold or exhaust pipes which turns into smoke. Just took it into dealer and they said there's a GM service bulletin on the issue and it requires "realignment" of some stuff and "reprogramming" of something. And if that doesn't work, it requires replacement of entire subsystem.
I purchased a Chevy Silverado 3500 HD 1-31-2012. A couple weeks after we got the truck the low coolant message came on the coolant drops two inches from the full mark. We took the truck to the dealer they did a pressure test on it didn’t see any leeks. A week or so later brought the truck back the dealer replaced the coolant tank. We had to take it back AGAIN we had gone through four gallons of coolant! They asked what I wanted done. I said get your GM tech out here and FIX IT! The dealer told me they found the problem coolant was leaking into the number 8 cylinder the dealer said GM had got a batch of bad head gaskets; they replace the head gaskets and all the seals for both heads. A week, week in a half the low coolant message comes on took the truck back to the dealer. GM wanted the dealer to vac and purge the coolant system four times it was just an air bubble. The truck is back in the shop you guessed it low coolant. We ask the dealer to buy back the truck and get us a new one. The dealer refuses to buy back the truck. We are working with GM buy back they have many steps to go through or they are just waiting for me to explode so they won’t have to do anything. Customer Service is dead in America.
I have a 2010 3500HD with the 6.0 liter. I bought this used with 12,000 miles and am having a problem GM says is normal and there is no fix. On a cold (60 degrees - summer) start, when starting to accelerate the motor hesitates and runs rough for about the first 1/4 mile and then everything is normal. I've had it to the GM Dealership 2 times and they can not find a code or anything. The last time the mechanic did some research and found a bulletin wherein it talks about this problem with the 2009-2011 Silverados, Express vans, GMC Sierra.

The bulletin says this is normal and the fix is tow warm the motor up for at least 2 minutes. No other fix advised.

Wow, for the money they get for these rigs, this is not an acceptable answer if you ask me.

Does anyone else with the 2009-2011 6.0 liter have this problem, I can't find any info while searching the internet.


crew cab with dual wheels, has plenty of power from the duramax diesel. For a heavy truck it rides and drives great. Fuel milage is aroud 15 mpg when im pulling boat or camper its about 12 mpg. The only complaint was the small mirrors that i switched.